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Skin Care Services

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Sudz Salon offers a full range of skin care services plus waxing and tinting. Your skin care professional will recommend the ideal combination of products and services that will have you feeling as beautiful on the outside as you do on the inside.

Full Sets
Light Density Full Set | Starting at $159.00
Medium Density Full Set | Starting at $179.00
Maxi Density Full Set | Starting at $199.00

2 week fill | Starts at $40.00 (package) or $50.00 (single service)
3 week fill | Starts at $50.00 (package) or $69.00 (single service)
4 week fill | Starts at $72.00 (package) or $89.00 (single service)

Sold in quantities of 3
2 week fill - $120.00
3 week fill - $150.00
4 week fill - $216.00

Eyelashes | $22.00
Brows | $22.00

Brows | $23.00
Lip | $14.00
Chin/Cheeks | $15.00
Sideburns | $15.00
Under Arm | $22.00
Full Arm | $34.00
Bikini Line | $30.00
Partial Brazilian | $45.00
Full Brazilian | $60.00
Shoulders | $30.00 and up
Back | $38.00 and up
Upper/Lower Leg | $30.00
Full Leg | $65.00
Full Leg w/Bikini | $75.00

Cosmetic Application Fee | $50.00
Lesson (w/ $30 cosmetic purchase) | $45.00

w/ Eye Lash Application | add $18.00


Calming Facial (60 minutes) | $80.00
Enjoy a one hour facial exclusively using natural products. This treatment includes a pre-cleanse, exfoliating cleanse, steam with hot towels, lactic cleansing mask, decollate massage and treatment mask, treatment ampoule, and final hydration.

Lymph stimulation is used to push toxins residing in the lymphatic system through the bloodstream to the organs where they can be filtered, resulting in a better state of health and appearance in your skin.

Calming Lymphatic 1.5 Hour Facial | $120.00
Same regimen as the 1 hour facial with lymphatic stimulation for your face.

Calming Lymphatic 2 Hour Facial | $150.00
Same regimen as the 1 hour facial, starting with a foot bath and lymphatic stimulation for face, arms, and legs

FACIALS (currently unavailable)

Classic Facial (60 minutes) | $80..00
The perfect facial for balancing your skin. Includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, treatment mask, and final hydration for your skin.

Complete Luxe Facial (90 minutes) | $95.00
Enjoy an hour and a half of relaxation with Results. This treatment includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, enzyme peel, treatment mask, face/upper body massage as well as hand/arm massage, your choice of head or feet massage, and a final hydration for your skin.

Express Facial (30 minutes) | $49.00
A great option for someone short on time. Streamlined treatment specifically formulated for your skincare challenges.

 Eyes Treatment | $15.00
Add this treatment to your facial to rejuvenate/moisturize eye and eyelid area.

Back Purifier (30 minutes) | $39.00
Both relaxing and beneficial. We incorporate deep exfoliation, steam, massage and hydration leaving your skin purified and nourished.

PEELS (currently unavailable)

Clinical Peel Facial (60 minutes) | $85.00 & up
Fight external stresses on your skin such as free radicals & UV sun damage by way of a chemical peel, followed by a soothing treatment mask, massage, and final hydration.

Express Clinical Peel Facial (30 minutes) | $50.00 & up
For those on the go, this consolidated treatment includes a quick yet thorough
 cleanse, toning, peel and final hydration. 

MICRODERMABRASION (currently unavailable)

Deep penetrating exfoliation using a diamond tipped wand with vacuum. This treatment is non-invasive making it a great option for anti-aging, reduction of scars and pore size, and hyperpigmentation.

Microdermabrasion Facial (60 minutes) | $92.00
Skin resurfacing treatment designed to reveal smoother, revitalized skin by way of a deep exfoliation, followed up by a treatment mask, massage and final hydration.

Express Microdermabrasion Facial (30 minutes) | $45.00
Deep exfoliation by way of a diamond tipped vacuuming wand.


(currently unavailable)

Advanced Clinical Peel Facial (75 minutes) | $118.00 & up
This facial is designed to benefit both layers of your skin. Combining microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, the perfect treatment mask, massage and final hydration.

(currently unavailable)

Single Treatment | $60.00
Increases collagen production (reducing wrinkles); Produces greater skin moisture to help fill out the skin; Increases circulation, providing a healthier skin tone.

Six Session Package | $300.00